Hotel Furniture Installation

Complete Hotel Furniture Installation Services

Precision Hotel Furniture Installation provides quality assured hotel furniture installation services that cover all phases and facets, including:

  • Receiving: Whether owner or manufacturer supplied, we efficiently and professionally coordinate the receipt of all items. If desired, we can also provide warehousing and/or delivery services, along with project management and logistics.
  • Inspecting: We thoroughly inspect all items to ensure that inventory matches expectations. If we identify any discrepancies or concerns, they are immediately escalated to you for targeted investigation and swift resolution.
  • Handling: Our thoroughly trained and highly experienced hotel furniture installation team ensures that your items are safe, secure, and will be free of any damage caused by handling – guaranteed.

Professional FF&E Installation

Unlike many other companies that work with you from a distance, our hotel furniture installation team deploys on-site and ensures that all tasks and deliverables are completed effectively, efficiently and professionally. We also work closely with your management team, as well as your selected furniture manufacturer(s), to ensure a streamlined and seamless experience with little or no disruption to your guests or staff.

Punch List & Closeout

Before wrapping up any FF&E installation project – small or large – we create highly detailed punch lists to ensure that all work is completed to specifications and expectations. We take immense pride in delivering “white glove” service, and never closeout a project until it is 100% finished, right down to the very last detail.

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