Hotel Furniture Liquidation

Complete Hotel Furniture Liquidation Services

Precision Hotel Furniture Installation offers professional, efficient, and value-added end-to-end hotel furniture liquidation services for clients nationwide whose properties are being renovated, converted, refurbished, repurposed, or scheduled for demolition.

We will expertly appraise and inventory all items, and work with your leadership team to develop a custom plan that puts you on track for maximum revenue generation in the shortest and safest manner possible.

Multiple Hotel Furniture Liquidation Methods

Depending on your requirements, we will plan, manage, control and accept full accountability for your hotel furniture liquidation through an:

  • On-site public sale
  • On-site private sale
  • Off-site sale (i.e. if you are renovating and remaining option)

Regardless of the hotel furniture liquidation method that best fits your needs, be assured that our teams have the training and expertise necessary to uninstall and remove your items with the utmost care and discretion, and with minimal disruption or inconvenience to your staff, guests, co-tenants and neighbors.

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